Radarfilm albums:

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Hinter der Wahrheit
hinter der Wahrheit coverPublished on Kreislauf, 2007, [Kreislauf 33]

This album takes you away to the world of Radarfilm. Quiet Ambient tracks, complex Electronica and crazy Acid sounds are combined in a harmonic way to create beautiful tracks.

Download fo free on Kreislauf.


7 not danceable dancetracks
Radarfilm cover - 7 not danceable dancetracks
Published on Fantomton, 2009, [FT002]

The typical club sound - you won't get it here.
Radarfilms album '7 not danceable dancetracks' leads you through other worlds, to dream and drift. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes amusing, sometimes just beautiful and sometimes maybe even danceable.
Radarfilm combines house and techno with warm and experimental sounds and thus creates its own world.

The album also contains two remixes. M-Node contributes a crazy Trip-Hop version of 'On my way', and there is a beautiful vocal-version of 'Housigedark' by Fiend.

Download for free on Fantomton

Radarfilm also appears on:

Interact 001
Interact 001 Cover
Published on Idealtechno, Symbiont-music, Fantomton, 2009, [IA001]

Track: alaBaster


Radarstation Cover
Published on Fantomton, 2009, [FT001]

Track: Hektosphere


Erased Bodies - Rooting
rooting Cover
Published on Fantomton, 2009, [FT003]

Track: Remains after erasing Radarfim rmx.


M-Node - Wandering
Wandering Cover
Published on Fantomton, 2009, [FT004]

Track: Dreaming - Radarfilms lucid dream mix


B-Mus - Protector
protector Cover
Published on OC-Powerpacks, 2010, OCR AA 004

Track: Protector (Radarfilm Remix)